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CARINHO wrote his first song when he was twelve years old. In the following time he was singer in some bands.

1998 succeed him at first as co-producer a release at BMG with the music project “GOGO” and over 1.000.000 sold units of compilations.

1999 he wrote and produced all the songs for the German version of the world wide animation-movie “Dooly” and published a CD with the songs.

CARINHO recognizes, he really likes to entertain on stage and took singing and performing lessons. CARINHO found his own music-style – pop-music influenced by Brazilian music- which is open to be develops in any way. In this moment came the chance to perform at the Red Bull-flight-show and he presents the fresh produced song “Carinho bejinho”in front of more than 100.000 people.

2000 CARINHO founds his own record company NEWSIC and music publisher NEWSONG.

He released on his new label the title “Gabrielle” under the project name “the bite”. The song was produced from Ariane Kranz for the TV-serial “XENA”. For “XENA”-fans is this house-production a cult-serial nowadays around the world.

Then followed the chance to make the club-song for the Berlin soccer-team HERTHA BSC. CARINHO composed the song “Olé Hertha BSC”and present it in the “Berliner Olympiastadion” in front of about 70.000 people. The song was released on Maxi-CD at his label NEWSIC. Moreover a few of soccer-compilations picked the song for his repertoire.

Because of the great success CARINHO produced 2001 a song for the mascot of HERTHA BSC, called “Herthinho”. With another performance in the “Berliner Olympiastadion” he arouses enthusiasm at the fans and released the song on Maxi-CD again on his label NEWSIC. Both songs have a Brazilian touch, because some of the famous HERTHA BSC-players and the mascot are native-Brazilian.

CARINHO composed and produced some more songs, create with help of the famous choreograph Morris Perry a rousing show with Brazilian dancers and presented it in a lot of clubs and events.

2002 he was significantly involved at the song production and publication on his music publisher NEWSONG with the title “Stop the fight”, a song against the war and the terror all over the world. A lot of TV- and broadcast station were reporting about this project of artists of different countries with the project name “Berlin Family”.

After a lot of gigs in the last 3 years, CARINHO composed new songs and released 2005 his title “Caipirinha” on Maxi-CD at his label NEWSIC. The song ranged in the TOP 5 of the Disco-Charts in Germany and was power-played in the party-island Mallorca.
CARINHO performed his song in some TV-Shows and the Video-music-clip was telecasted in different TV-channels. Also in diverse broadcasting-stations the song was played.

A lot of gigs followed, amongst others at the “Brandenburger Tor/Gate” in Berlin. CARINHO went on tour with his new show including new songs.

2006 “Caipirinha” was published in Philippines at UNIVERSAL.

2008 the song was discovered by the users of YOU TUBE and exist there with big success. In November 2008 the Japanese record company Quake Inc. published “Caipirinha” in Japan with good success.

In preparation for the next coming album, CARINHO just composed and produced a lot of songs with trendy beats of the party- and music-scene of Brazil. CARINHO mixed Lambada with Reggaeton or Favela Funk and Samba with Pop. Also produced is a beautiful ballade.

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